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Recruitment policy

Recruitment policy

The Housing Ombudsman Service recognises that its colleagues are fundamental to its success. We therefore need to be able to attract and retain colleagues of the highest calibre and a strategic, professional approach to recruitment is essential to do this.

Three of our core principles are:

  • We have a principle of open competition in its approach to recruitment.
  • We will seek to recruit the best candidate for the job based on merit. The recruitment and selection process should ensure the identification of the person best suited to the job role and our organisation.
  • We will ensure that the recruitment and selection of colleagues is conducted in a professional, timely and responsive manner and in compliance with current employment legislation.

Our full Recruitment Policy can be accessed here.

Equality and diversity policy

We are committed to providing equality of opportunity as outlined in our Equality and Diversity policy and our Dignity at Work Policy. We have an environment that is inclusive and recognises the value of difference in the workplace.  

We also monitor the effectiveness of these policies and the health of our working environment. This is achieved through a number of initiatives including:  

  • our active in-house ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ and ‘Health and Wellbeing’ staff forums to voice and champion change on behalf of our colleagues; 
  • the use of Equality & Diversity Monitoring; and 
  • running a regular “Healthy Place to Work” opinion survey.  

Our Equality and Diversity Policy can be accessed here.

Working from home policy

We promote flexible working for all staff and recognise that homeworking can be of mutual benefit. Our Working from Home Policy defines what home working means for the organisation and what needs to be in place to ensure the wellbeing of our employees.

Our Working From Home Policy can be accessed here.

Baseline personnel security standard

The Housing Ombudsman Service will undertake the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) for all new entrants. All new entrants will be asked to apply for a basic disclosure certificate before we are able to confirm our formal offer of employment.

We are committed to following a fair and open recruitment process; if you wish to complain because you believe we have not followed our policy or procedures, please email and we will ensure your complaint is investigated independently.

While I began my role as just an Adjudicator, I’ve been presented with opportunities to be involved with so much more. In recent months, I’ve been given the opportunity to share my skills and knowledge to support the development of newer staff, to act as a buddy and mentor, and to support the delivery of training for adjudicators. I am now involved in more and more opportunities to offer casework oversight.

Sheriff, Adjudicator

Staff Testimonials

Did you know…?

In our most recent employee engagement survey we scored


Employee involvement and wellbeing is important to us and we run a bi-annual employee engagement survey so employees can give feedback and express their opinions on different aspects of the organisation. Our engagement scores continue to improve.

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