Claire, Adjudicator (Investigations) – Housing Ombudsman Careers

My role is to investigate complaints that have exhausted the landlord’s internal complaints process and which have been referred to this service by residents, either directly or through a Designated Person. To do this involves me identifying the key issues, weighing up the evidence, deciding what was fair and reasonable given all the circumstances and, when appropriate, deciding on appropriate and proportionate orders and recommendations. I also ensure compliance by landlords with regards to any orders that I may have made as a result of my investigation.

I have worked at the Housing Ombudsman Service for over three years now. I initially joined as a Dispute Resolution Advisor before moving to a team developing our Triage and Mediation service and then to be a full time Adjudicator about 18 months ago.

The most satisfying aspect of my job is when residents thank me for the work I have done and tell me about the difference it has made to them. This is not only when I have determined that there were failures by the landlord but also where I had determined that there was no failure. On those occasions the residents have thanked me as they were able to find closure having had someone listen to them, take their concerns seriously and explain why the actions of the landlord were in fact reasonable.

I would most definitely recommend other people to join the Service. Not only because the work we do makes a real difference to people’s lives but also to have the opportunity to work with colleagues, and an organisation, that really values you, not only for the work that you do but also the person you are.