Sheriff, Adjudicator – Housing Ombudsman Careers

With the Ombudsman’s delegated authority, I investigate and offer a final decision on complex disputes between member landlord’s and residents, drawing on housing law, best practice guidance, and dispute resolution principles. By employing an inquisitorial, evidence-based approach, I am able to establish the facts of a case, and to arrive at an outcome which is impartial and fair to all parties.

How long have you worked for the Housing Ombudsman Service?

For over two years

What attracted you to working for the Housing Ombudsman Service and your particular role?

I was drawn to the Housing Ombudsman Service on reading about the incredible work that the Service had done.

The Adjudicator position in particular offered me the opportunity to draw on my background in investigation, and through the powers bestowed by the Housing Ombudsman Scheme, to make important decisions for fairer outcomes.

The role has given me an opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of residents and landlord services.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?

While I have a passion for investigation and establishing the details of a case, the most satisfying aspect of my job is being able to offer resolution and remedy, where both parties have been unable to achieve this for themselves. My role gives me the tools to call out landlords on poor behaviours and inadequate services, but also to acknowledge where a landlord’s actions have been reasonable and proportionate. Ultimately, I take satisfaction in putting things right and contributing to a fairer sector.

How have you been supported to develop in your role?

The Housing Ombudsman Service has been great in supporting my development, both within my role and within the organisation as a whole.

Through casework and quality forums, a buddy system, frequent one-to-ones with my manager, and a library of easily accessible resources, I’ve seen myself grow into a more senior adjudicator, and to be confident in the decisions I make and the grounds on which these are made.

While I began my role as just an Adjudicator, I’ve been presented with opportunities to be involved with so much more. In recent months, I’ve been given the opportunity to share my skills and knowledge to support the development of newer staff, to act as a buddy and mentor, and to support the delivery of training for adjudicators. I am now involved in more and more opportunities to offer casework oversight.

What do you like most about working for the Housing Ombudsman Service?

The flexibility and freedom which enables me to have a good work/life balance.

How would you describe the Housing Ombudsman Service as a place to work?

It’s an organisation with great people and a supportive and enthusiastic Ombudsman. Although many of us currently work remotely, we’ve still managed to maintain a sense of synergy and togetherness.

I would also say that the Service is amongst the most diverse organisations I have ever worked for.

Would you recommend other people to join the Housing Ombudsman Service and why?

Definitely. The Service is extremely supportive of its employees, offers opportunities for growth and development (as well as great benefits), offers an opportunity to have a real impact on the housing sector, and is true to its values.